Now you can reduce inches or revitalize your belly in just one 20-minute period. With our new non invasive lipo program, the therapies are 100% comfortable, non medical, non obtrusive, with no recovery time, and produce immediate and lasting outcomes. 4-inch reduction and body shaping is common with non surgical liposuction; it produces a safe low-level laser device which permeates down to the fat part under your belly and allows the fat tissues to escape to the the lymphatic system. In fact, exercising after therapy can help speed up the removal of the released fat tissues.

Non surgical liposuction

Targets stubborn fats

Non invasive liposuction procedures in Markham are able to be performed on all kinds of bodies and areas where unwanted stored fat prevails. The process is easy, pain-free, and totally soothing for you. The first thing we do is evaluate your desired therapy region and then simply position the laser device pedals directly on to the region to be treated. The laser device is then held and set up with the specially tailored belts; after 20 minutes, we evaluate you again and immediately see the inches reduction outcomes. We recommend the course of eight therapies with 72 hours in between for maximum outcomes.

In addition to the inches reduction laser treatment, this non surgical liposuction program is comprised of LEDs that revitalize your epidermis part by exciting the bovine collagen and elastin in your epidermis part cells; therefore reducing the appearance of wrinkles, wrinkles, stretch-marks, and dried-out epidermis.
Non surgical liposuction procedures in Markham are targeted at those who are scared of possible marks that can result from the conventional surgical procedure. There are many impacts to conventional liposuction procedures and this non surgical liposuction procedures alternative is a great way to obtain the same outcomes with a lot less side effects.

Many clients see immediate outcomes from non surgical liposuction and claim that they notice inches lost immediately after the first therapy. An 8 week therapy can reduce up to 4 inches of circumfrential extra fat. Like with all other therapies, a diet along with a large amount of exercise is the key to keeping extra fat off.

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